Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back in August we worked on a rental of ours on Williams street.  Nick & Shelly  Help us A LOT.   It took all 4 of us a d we got it done in 2 months.  Without their help it would have taken Kent & I probably at least 6 months with everything we did. 
almost finished

A lot more work  but cannot make the post page any bigger  and my letters have gotten smaller & I do not know why.
Also  Dave  I am having trouble getting the pictures where I want them

 It is 1:16 am and I couldn't sleep so decided to get up and practice on our blog page .    We are leaving for Florida tomorrow after school.    I looked on my Kindle &  the weather in Treasure Island is suppose to be pretty decent for the week we are there.    Here is a few pictures from last year.
 A trip down to Miami**Southbeach
4-eyes on the end watching you
Kents big one Alaska 2006

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Riding Alaska  2006
This will be our home for a couple months for our trip to
Alaska 2013

Beautiful Scenery ** Here come the Train 
This  is our sandrail --Dave & Maxine could you use this where you are ?

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This is a picture in Florida 2012     We are just practicing to see if we can master this project.   How we doin Dave

Is this where I need to be

Monday, March 25, 2013

Good morning everyone !!   We have snow & out of school ANOTHER DAY 
Dave since you are the only one seeing this  I am writing as if it is an e-mail to you.  We made a change,   what do you think.    Tried to make letters smaller but could not figure it out so this is good.
Send me a comment      Have a good day