Tuesday, April 28, 2015


                  We had such good weather for the 2 weeks at Treasure Island, and Ayden
                   was a waterbug.  He seems to really enjoy being in the pool.  Fun to see
                   how he does next year.
                  After we finished at the Timeshare in Treasure Island we got Sheila, Ayden
                  & Darren back to the airport, we went back to the Condo and packed getting
                  ready to pull out Saturday morning heading back to Sarasota to the RV.


 So Saturday morning we checked out of the Condo, and headed to
Sarasota.  We did not do much Sunday & Monday Kent made an
appointment at the Honda dealership to take care of a recall on the
car.   Tuesday Cheryl & Dave came over and we drove down to
                            Sharky's restaurant and ate.  It was delicious.  I cannot remember
                            the name of the entre but Cheryl & Dave had had it before and that's
                            why they wanted to go back.
We drove on down to Caspersen Beach to look for more sharks teeth.
It was kind of windy and the waves were coming in pretty hard, plus
the beach was covered in seaweed. 

 Just taking a break...
We found several shark's teeth again, but this was
the biggest I found this day.  Dave had one about the
same size. 
We always  stop at the sign and take a picture.
Cheryl is holding a piece of coral that I found on the
beach.  It was pretty much buried, and I pulled it out
of the sand. 
An up close view of the coral.
Well so our day at Caspersen was a fun day again
with friends.  So we said our goodbyes as we are
leaving in the morning or whenever we get everything
packed in the motorhome and car.
I know, I know....what can I say,  we even sent
things home with Von & Jenny.  If we hadn't
we would never have gotten everything in!
You bought things to ! lol
So we got everything in & pulled out about 12:30.
When we left the park it was 90 degrees, and we
had the air conditioner on.  By the time we arrived
home it was 46 degrees, and we had the heat on.
Gees !
The first night of travel we stayed in a campground
just off I-75, so we could run the air conditioner
plugged in. 
Believe it or not this is a homemade Truck Camper.
I didn't get a side view, couldn't believe when it passed
us, I couldn't get my camera quick enough !  Not sure
even how he gets into it.  To each his own !
The second night we stayed here at a county park
just outside of Chattanooga.   You can see the pond
that it sets beside from I-75

Do you see that big yellow thing !   Seems like
we see them where ever we go.  Oh that was in
our other lifetime,  and we have moved on.  lol
This is about the only time we got into heavy traffic.
We kept moving so it wasn't too bad of an experience.
Kent says he thinks we were going into Nashville.
Snapped some pretty flowers growing from the rocks.
We stopped in Franklin, Tennessee at this antique mall
to take a break.
We pulled in to get fuel and saw these HUGE tires.
How would you like to buy a set of them!!
Rain, Rain go away.   In the 4 months we were
in Florida we only saw rain maybe 4 days, so to
come back to cool temps, & rain was very
unpleasant.  Shelly kept telling me we should not
leave yet, that we needed to stay to the end of the
month, which we were paid up to, but we were
ready to come home, just would have liked to have
had better weather to come home to. 
This is the monitor for the back camera on the motorhome.
And that is our car behind us.  So in this monitor
You see the car.
Now you don't see the car!!
We had stayed overnight at a rest park and when
Kent went to prepare the car, the battery was dead.
He eventually got it started, so ok we're ready to roll.
Pulling out of the rest park and Just before entering
the interstate, he slows down really fast and has a
terrified look on his face.  In a split second when he
put on his turn signal it cancels the view of the car,
and he knows that
so after the morning he was having, he thought
the car had come unhooked!  Wasn't going to tell
that but Oh why not!
We finally arrived at Sheila & Darrens'.  We did
lunch with them, visited a little more then headed home.
It was about 5:30 when we got home, and boy did it
Until our next adventure
Kent & Martha

Monday, April 20, 2015


                     We are over 3 months into our stay in our "Winter Home" as Kent has begun
                      to call it, and then it came time to go to our Timeshare in Treasure Island. 
                      We checked into the condo on April 4.  When we were unloading the car
                      Darren came up behind us and scared us to death.  We did not know he was
                      going to be there on Saturday, but Sheila saw an opening on an early flight,
                      so by luck he got the one seat that was available, and made it to Tampa before
                      Sheila & Ayden who had a confirmed seat.  When we got the car unloaded
                      & checked into the room, we went to Tampa and picked up Sheila & Ayden.
Didn't take long and they were in the pool

Grandpa & Ayden connected immediately

Had a fun day but now it's bath time & thanks to
aunt Shelly Ayden had the bath seat to sit in.  He
is really liking to be in the water, pool or bath, you
can tell that by the look on his face !
Oh know, something says bath time is over !
We went to supper with some of Darrens friends
who has a little girl close to Aydens age.  Ayden
you look very interested in this little cutie.
These mats are nice.  Sheila puts them down (they
 stick on)  She puts food on the mat and Ayden can
pick up the food & feed himself.   They are disposable.
You don't have to worry about a dirty table!
Grandpa put the Easter basket on his head
Ayden loves to crawl all over mommy
Darren & Grandpa blowing up Aydens pool
Ok  I'm outta here.
View from the deck
Bought a selfie stick.  We took several takes !
Put your chin down Kent.  lol
Super Day !
Yummy in the tummy !
Carrier is getting almost too little
Top of table this year, but not next year! (I hope )
Last Thursday Kent & I got together with Cheryl & Dave
and Laura.   Laura flew down for a couple days, so they
wanted to take her on an airboat ride in the Everglades.
On the way down we went to Sanibel Island to look for
shells.  There were no big shells but we found several
neat small shells. 
Needle in a haystack Laura ?
Kent,  you got your shorts wet !
Dave is using his new camera.  Get some good
shots Dave ?
After leaving Sanibel Island, we went to the Sun
Citrus juice factory.  We got some delicious fresh
juices and then we all had an ice cream cone, before
heading on down to the everglades.
After leaving the juice factory we still had a 2 hour
drive to the Everglades.   There is definitely not much
to look at on the way there.  I think I even dozed for
awhile.  Hope I didn't snore !  (no one said I did)
so I'll take that as I didn't.  lol
We stopped at this Indian Village store**
You pronounce it I can't
This was our guide   Gary
He was Awesome.  We had a 1 1/2 hour tour.
It went really fast cause it was so interesting.  We
all had headsets that we could hear him talk as he drove
and pointed out many birds, flowers and ALLIGATORS.
We could ask questions all during the tour, it was really
neat.   He is the only tour that provides working headsets,
and it makes it well worth the money.  If he saw an alligator
he would whip around the airboat and take us up to the
gator if it had not disappeared in the grass.
If you ever get to the Everglades and would like a tour,
it would be worth your time to call him. 
It is called DOWN SOUTH airboat tours.
I do not remember the names of the birds or flowers, but
here are a few pictures of our experience.
We are stopped and our hair is fixed in a windblown
position.   As they say we were all in the same boat!
except Dave who wore a hat & didn't lose it !!
At this point we have taken off our headsets.
It is really nice only having 6 people max on the tour.
 Dave & Cheryl,  Thank you for inviting us to go with
you,  we truly enjoyed it.
This is taken on the way to the airport.  It was nice
being able to have them with us for 2 weeks, as it
has been a long 4 months not being able to see him
grow.  Each week he is doing something new.  Keep
learning little man.  You're a sweetie !!
We met Lee Anne & Mark from Toronto.
They will be buying our week 15.  They
have friends and family that come down
to the Beach Club, and they decided they
wanted to be a part of that, just as we did
30 years ago.  They are excited but apprehensive
at the same time as we were also many years
ago.  I know you will enjoy your time at
Treasure Island just as we do.
Enjoy the Treasure Island sun set
Kent & Martha