Sunday, February 21, 2016


          There is a LOT to write about in this post.    Seems there is always a Kodak moment
          with Ayden around.

                      We start out with Ayden, Sheila & Darren flying down January 11 & staying
                  a few days.

                                                                       They have arrived
Ayden at the airport

First day we went to the beach we dressed like this

Very next day you needed a jacket
Don't  be shocked**Grandma is in the picture

                                                                  Footprints in the sand
                                                                     Ayden 19 months
1-2-3-  Cheese

                                                     Ayden is too big for the kitchen sink
                                                    this year, so had to find another way
                                                    to take a bath.  This bathtub fits
                                                     right inside the shower, and he loves it.

                                                            Aydens first ice cream cone
                                                                     holding it himself

                                                                  He did really well

Even though it was chilly
we wanted to swing
                                                                        And Slide

                                                                 I know I can do it

                                                                   Whee    no hands


                                          They went back home and then 3 weeks  
                                      later Sheila & Ayden came to stay for 9 days
                                            This is at the airport when they were going to
                                         fly back down here.   When Sheila sent these pictures
                                       it brought tears to my eyes.   This little boy looked so
                                                    grown up pulling his own suitcase !!!
                                             And that bomber jacket !! He is ready to roll...
                                                 Hi Grandma & Grandpa,  we just landed

At first glance what do you think ?
Yeah I know it looks like snow but it's not.
It wasn't a very warm week when they were here,
so he wore his winter hat on the beach.  If it would
not have been so windy, it wouldn't have felt so cold,
so no water today.  He really loves to run and play in the water.
Hopefully spring break.
Grandpa & Ayden having their morning Joe together
One afternoon during nap we heard Ayden say
Not hearing anything more we assumed he went
back to sleep.   When Sheila went in to get him up
she found a whole new package of wipes pulled
out and all over the crib !!!
We did have 1 nice day that we went to the beach and
spent some time.  This is not a posed picture.  It happened
very quickly.  Kent got up from the chair to do something and
Ayden was close to the chair, as soon as Kent got up Ayden
literally plops in the chair for a short 30 seconds and I snapped
the pose.  Luckily I had my camera in my hand.
Taking a break

NOTE:  The bike is NOT moving
Sheila is just holding him on the bike.
Guess someone was concerned about Aydens feet
getting caught.  Didn't happen....Bike didn't move.
I got to go swimming in the pool....It was so fun
We went out to the park to try to see Alligators
Was hoping Grandpa wouldn't drop me
Look real close...this is the only PART of the alligator
we saw..he never moved for us.
Hi,   It's me Ayden with my Minion glasses
                   I got to do so many things at Grandma & Grandpas, I really had fun at
                   their new place this year.   Now I can't wait to go see them Spring Break.
                   I played so hard from morning to night,  I hardly slowed down.  Everybody
                   says I am just like my daddy.  VERY HIGH ENERGY.   I'm tired now I'll
                                                         see you another time.  Nite  Nite

                                                        Hope you enjoyed the pictures

                                                                     Keep Smiling

                                                                    Kent & Martha

                                          PS.  Make sure you read my second blog that I did yesterday also

                                                                "Family, Friends,  & Good Times"


Saturday, February 20, 2016


     I would like to start this blog with a tribute to Don Hanson, our brother-in-law,
   who passed away January 14, 2016.   Don put up a good fight the last year and
    a half & especially the last couple months.  After they told Don that they found
     3 masses on his brain, he lived for another almost 2 months.  He was not in pain
     which we were thankful for that.   He is sadly missed by those he left behind, but
     we all know that he is in a better place.

The Hanson Family after the funeral
Kent & I flew home from Sarasota, when we got the call from Janice that
Don was not doing well.  We separated in Atlanta when there was only 1
seat left.  I made Kent go because I didn't want to go home, get our car &
drive back to Indy.  Kent made it to the nursing home in time just before Don
passed.  I wasn't going to make it on the next flight out of Atlanta, so Sheila
sent me to New York & back out to Indy.  Don passed 2 hours before I got back.
This was a snapshot from the plane coming into New York
This was inside the terminal in New York
I only had about a 45 minute layover, then was back on a plane to Indy.
Checking with my Travel Agent (Sheila) I would not have made the
flights out of Atlanta to Indy, so we made the right decision to keep
moving.   I landed in Indy about 6pm... Sheila picked me up at the
airport and took me to Fishers, where we met Dan (Hanson) who took
me to Anderson to meet Kent, Janice, Jody & Dave.
After the funeral on Tuesday, Kent flew back to Sarasota.  Janice was going
back to Florida with me, but we didn't start the trip until Friday January 22.
We got to Atlanta, but didn't make the flight out of Atlanta until Saturday around
11am.   We landed in Sarasota about 2,  it was cooler and Windy.
Even though it was cooler it was still a whole lot warmer than Indiana.
First thing she did was sit outside in the sunshine.
Hello Family

We took Her to Caspersen beach to look for Sharks teeth.  UNFORTUNATELY we had no luck this time.
Von I really tried to find the pocket that we were digging in last year finding all kinds of sharks teeth
but it just wasn't happening !!
Janice did find a shell in the shape of a heart.  She felt this was a heart from Don
And of course we had to take the photo beside the sign
We found out Jim & Mary (Shively) Glisson lives in Ellenton, Florida
which is only 20 minutes from us, so we went to visit them & we both
had Mary cut our hair, plus we had a very nice visit.
Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday is shuffleboard days,
so we joined the shufflers & had a great time.
I text this picture to Dan (Hanson) & he sent back OH NO,
There is bowling on Fridays to anyone who signs up.
We meet at a bowling alley, so we all signed up and
bowled.  I had her bring her bowling shoes from home,
so she was ready !
While she was here, we drove over to Cape Canaveral to see
Karen & Greg Batt who are staying over there for 3 months,
and Dave & Cheryl, who flew down for 4 days.
We walked the beach and went to eat later.
Thanks guys that was enjoyable !

Janice taking a moment to herself

Shortly before Dave & Cheryl got to Florida I sent a picture to them
of a Bealls Outlet store.
                              (They really like shopping there) so I thought I would tease them.                            
So when they got here I received this picture below on my phone.

I got the message Dave.  You're in Florida and you got to go to Bealls !

I have a few weathermen up North that keeps me informed of the weather.
Here are a couple pictures that I received.

This be Kendalville area

Give you 1 guess to tell me who sent this one

These are the friends and family that we have had visiting us the
last few weeks.  If you have noticed I don't have Sheila & Ayden
on this blog, but they will be on the next one coming up...
Sheila & Ayden left this past Tuesday, Janice left Wednesday
And Roger & Mary left today (Saturday)
We are now empty nesters, we don't know how to act without
our group, & we enjoyed them all.
Roger & Mary Hall from Wyoming stayed at our park for
a little more than a week. 
We ate out together,  went to Plant City and had Strawberries &
ice cream, and we didn't freeze to death eating it Kathy.
They are game players so we had game nights.
They have been out on the road since January 6 and probably
won't be home till the end of March.
Enjoy your travels & be safe Roger & Mary
Leaving you with this thought

Sending SUNSHINE to all
Kent & Martha