Thursday, April 4, 2013


Wednesday brought us more sunshine so several of us decided to drive to Ft Desoto and take a boat out to a shelling island to look for shells.   When we got to the boat they told us it was full and that we should have made reservations.  We didn't leave but was just going to watch the boat go out, all of a sudden she tells us they have room for us so they let us on.   It was about a 20 minute ride over to the island.

                                                      This was the boat that took us over

A couple freeloaders that we found on the Island
These guys are all over the island
There was even a geocache over there that Sheila saw on her phone
and Kent was the eagle eye that saw it first
If you go to an Island like this make sure you secure your belongings.  One lady had her bag
sitting on the beach while she was looking for shells.   Seems a bird swooped down and grabbed
a ziplock bag that had her money and id cards in it.  He flew up into a tree and deposited it UP
there.  Her husband found a ranger and they pinpointed where it was and he did retrieve it for her.
It was a nice change of pace for a new experience.
Wednesday night we went to the RBAR so Darren could have all u can eat crablegs.  We waited an hour,  but  I guess it was worth it.  What do u think.
It's hard to tell who is eating who !!
We were taking family pictures while Darren was busy elsewhere
From here we went to John's Pass
Today Thursday we got up to pouring down rain. YUCKY
(Von & Jenny had rain yesterday in Gulf Shores)
We left to do some pawn shopping  and then headed south to Sarasota
to take Darren to the airport.
He got on the flight to head home
Probably staying in tonight,  we need to clean out the refrigerator


  1. My money flies away, but never in that fashion. MMMMM Crab legs look good!

    1. yes it was pretty strange would not have guessed that would happen I know it is not fancy but having fun doing this..... any suggestions you can offer would always be appreciated