Monday, August 19, 2013


If we HAD to have a set back, it happened at a good place.  The Ford Dealership that took care of us was in  Chehalis, Washington.  They worked us in and had us out the door in a day and a half.  The young man that did the work on our truck was Trevor and a very good mechanic.  We took a walk downtown to the OLD part of town which was about a mile away and we found a place to eat breakfast, a historical museum, a sweet corn processing plant (very interesting, and we found a cache.  We were out the door that evening by 6:00pm.  Trevor assured us that with the bigger transmission cooler we would be good to drive up any mountain and not have a problem.  Trevor I sure hope your right!!!

                        Picture at the top is the old transmission cooler /lower bottom of picture where his
                          hands are        

                                           Bottom picture is the new transmission cooler
With Trevors assurance we decided to go ahead with the rest of our plans, so we headed to Yosemite and it is definitely mountain driving as was  Sequoia National Park, so we definitely gave it a workout and we are still navigating
We got to Yosemite late in the afternoon and we didn't want to start in and not be able to get clear through the park that day, so we went back out and stayed in a pull off spot in the National Forrest.  You can stay in a pull off in the National Forrest but not in the National Park.  So this was our spot for the night.
About a half hour after getting settled in I kept hearing bells.  It kept getting louder, and all of a sudden I looked out the door and there were cows with bells on.  Earlier we had seen a sign to watch out for range cows.  So evidently they have freedom to roam the woods, so we saw them first hand out our back door.

Some scenes of Yosemite


                               Look real close & you can see Kent inside in the picture below

When we finished in the Sequoias we headed on South to our friends
Dave & Maxine
Going to spend a day or two then start heading east.

                     Dave & Maxine are  campground hosts in Serrano National Forrest.  Very nice
                      campground except we had to climb the mountains again about 7,000 ft. up in
                      elevation.  The weather is perfect with no humidity.

                             This is how they parked us on their lot.  They have a double lot and they
                             are the campground hosts, but it was their superior that suggested how we
                               could park on their lot.  Kinda cozy but we fit in.  Could never have done
                              that with the motorhome!

                                                This is Dave and Maxines new vehicle
Until next time
Kent & Martha

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  1. Your last two blogs are great.... The adventures of traveling. Have a great time... Love Sheila and Darren