Thursday, March 5, 2015


                          From the time of leaving I was looking forward to the time we
                          would be making a short quick trip home.    Main reason was to
                          see  AYDEN & everyone else.  After that I needed to renew my
                          license which I should have done before we left, but I forgot to
                          get that done.  (It wasn't on my written list!)  You cannot renew
                          on line with a CDL endorsement.   You can only renew in
                          person.   I don't plan on doing much driving on the bus, but you
                          never know when you might need it.   We did check out at one
                         time delivering RV's and you need a CDL for that so, keeping
                         it just in case!  Don't want to go through the process again
                         to get one.   So not knowing that there was even a chance of snow
                         at home this weekend we checked with our Travel Agent (Sheila)
                         and the flights looked good for an early flight out last Thursday.
                         We got to the Sarasota Airport at 5:00 am.    We fly standby so
                         you never know but we were the last to board the flight.  We
                         landed in Atlanta and had about an hour layover, then got
                         on the flight to Indy with no problem
Flight coming into Indianapolis

 I know "what are we thinking"   Well sometimes you take
the bad (snow) with the good (seeing family & friends)
But it sure was COLD !!  Guess my blood has thinned. lol

                         Sheila & Darren & Ayden picked us up.   Grandma got her hugs
                         & kisses right away and so did Grandpa but when we got back to
                        their house Ayden & Grandpa were having fun wrestling on the
I gonna get you Grandpa

                            He is crawling like you wouldn't believe.  He is so fast.  You
                            put him down and he is gone.   And it's only been 2 months,
                            and he has grown a lot since we have seen him.  He is pulling
                             himself up to everything.  He is really strong. We will see
                            him in about another month, they are coming down for
                            spring break in Treasure Island, so will see what he can
                             do by then.   GO AYDEN  Just don't grow up too fast!

                              Don Hanson has been in the hospital, so we went to see them
                             while we were home.   He was in good spirits the day we we
                             were there.   He has been having a tough time, so if you could
                             say a prayer for Him & Janice I know they would accept them.
                             Their life has changed in the past 8 months, and it definitely
                             has not been an easy road.
Hang in there you two**Love you

When we were home, the snow arrived late Saturday into
      Sunday, but listening to the news tonight, I think it was better
we went last weekend instead of this weekend.  I know Indiana
did not get the snow but with flights from other airports with
 problems we might have had a hard time getting on a flight.

Kent got his driveway clean-out fix
(nothing he has been missing!)
Hopefully the snow is all gone by the time we get home
or we will never get in the barn.  

                                       We got all of our business taken care of and got around
                                       to see everyone.  The plan was we were going to leave
                                       Huntington Monday and have the rental car back to Indy,
                                       then stay the night with Sheila and leave Tuesday.  Well
                                       there was a prediction for ice on Tuesday, so Sheila felt
                                       we should leave Monday evening
                                        We went out to eat with Nick & Shelly,  Stayed the night
                                        with Sheila & Darren on Thursday,   Got invited to supper
                                        at Von & Jenny's,  Went to visit Janice & Don,  Went
                                       to Coney Island with Janice, Stopped at Cheryl & Dave's
                                        for a quick visit then headed south.  We got the car turned
                                       in,  Sheila & Darren & Ayden picked us up then we went
                                        right to the airport.   They got a boarding pass like they
                                       were going standby.  They have to go through security
                                        even.   They do this so they can come up and spend all
                                       the time they can before we get boarded.

Ayden & Grandma

Lining up to take off from Indy

Landing in Sarasota
Engine was outside my window

When we left home It was cold so I wore a sweatshirt.
When we landed in Sarasota and walked outside it
was Very warm & HUMID.  So all this week it
has been very nice & HOT.  We have been
at least 80 everyday.  This has been the most consistent
week of warm weather we have had since we have been here.

                                                   Thank you all for your birthday wishes !
                                                                   Much appreciated

                                           This is where we had lunch for my Birthday.
                                            They tell you to take 2 plates when you first go
                                             through the line.   And remember it is Salads!

                                         That same day we went to the RV park we plan on
                                         staying at next year.
                                                   It is Sarasota Lakes RV Resort
Playground for Ayden

This is the pad where we have booked for next year

Hopefully things work out




Yesterday since it was HOT we  decided to go to
the beach.  We went to Caspersen Beach where there
are Shark's teeth.  So we were not in the water but there
were a lot of people who were.   Study this next picture
and see what your FIRST  REACTION would have
been.    Kent is sleeping in the chair and all of a sudden
I see something!!


Now remember we are here looking for Shark's teeth.
Look out in the water & what would your first thought be
seeing that fin!!   I wanted to holler SHARK!!
Thankfully I realized they were dolphins.  There must have
been  4  or 5 that we saw and then they moved on.   One came
clear up to the shoreline then moved back out.
Yea it's funny now but first reactions were scary!!



When we got back to the parking lot Kent noticed this little
guy on somebodies mirror.

Most of you noticed the extra FUZZ on the Kent's face
Little hot for Florida don't ya think ?

Cooking out today

Enjoy the Sunset

Kent & Martha


  1. Love the blog.... Great job Mom...Love Ya both very much :)

  2. Did some "Spring Break" shopping today. We are getting ready to travel!!

  3. We're looking forward to it also. How many days ?

    And Thank You Shelly. Miss You