Monday, May 13, 2013



If you think my web sight looks different that’s because I had to call my mentor tonight and get some tips on making some changes.  You see I have been having trouble controlling the curser and making it go where I want it to go, and getting the pictures to go in place where I would like them to be.  Sometimes by the time I posted 5 or 6 pictures it would take me at least an hour to wrestle them around and make the curser behave !!  I am really having fun doing this but sometimes it truly was not fun trying to make it all go together.   So this looks like it will be more user friendly, at least that’s what my mentor (Dave) said. 

It is getting closer to our tenative leave date of June 16.  This is what our truck camper looks like,  I know I have showed ya’ll before but remember I am practicing.


            This is the camper & truck right after we got it           loaded                                                         

003  camping at Chain of Lakes State Park


023                  021

       Kent & Nick polishing Nick & Shelly’s camper a couple weeks ago.  A lot of elbow grease, but sure was worth it.  Feels smooth as a baby’s bottom.   REALLY

022       018


Well  it’s getting late and I need to sign off for now.   I know I will need to practice, practice, practice and then some.    Wish my mentor lived closer but at least he is a phone call away, and willing to help me make this venture work.  Speaking of work—only 13 more days, and I can hang up my keys to the big yellow bus!!

                                             Keep smiling & have a good day

                                                         Kent & Martha

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  1. It is easier than using the blogger post interface.
    Have fun experimenting. It will all come together I promise. I probably need to do some experimenting on my own. After three years on my blog it needs a face lift! 13 more day's and counting :>)