Monday, May 20, 2013


When we were at our first swap meet a couple weekends ago, we were handed a flyer for another swap meet for this weekend at another location.   Feeling we did well at the first swap meet, we decided to take our wares and the camper to the swap meet in Shipshewana.   It is fun taking the camper & being able to get a decent nights sleep (or at least a few hours) otherwise if we just had a truck you have to TRY to get comfortable in the front or back seat, which is kind of impossible. 
So off we went to Shipshewana Friday night with Von & Jenny, they just got their camper back from the repair shop and  Nick & Shelly,  they stayed with us in the truck camper.   When you get there you pick & pay for your spot, set up what you want and eventually get settled down to get some rest, cause morning comes early.   Jenny & Von got woke up by Nick & Shelly's rooster.   I did not hear a thing cause I wear earplugs.   So by the time we got out to start setting everything out, people are walking around trying to see what they can.  It sure looked like rain for a few hours but we were lucky & did not see a drop.

Here is a few pictures of the day.

                      Shelly selling her wares
             Von & Jenny       (Von, hey Von)
                                        There is a sale going on

               Nick waiting for a goat buyer
                                                          Kent holding down our fort



It really was an early morning and yes he was even snoring 


Some kids having fun

After the swap meet Von & Jenny  and us went to the south campground in Shipshewana and stayed the night.  We did not go anywhere to eat mainly because we both had our vehicles still full with items that we did not sell.   Jenny had brought spaghetti and French bread.    It was a fun weekend.

Enjoy your day & keep in touch
Kent & Martha


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