Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Today  is the day !  Ready or not we are going to pull out the drive.   The day was very nice & sunny, just a perfect day to travel.   After all the pictures and goodbyes we were on our way.  Starting mileage is 52,746. 


Most roads we traveled today were 2 lane and very bumpy.   We stopped at a city park in Goodland, Indiana  to have some lunch.   Just zipped out the slide, pulled down the steps a couple minutes & I had lunch on the table.

Cookies by Shelly!!    Thanks
Chocolate chip butterscotch--they are so good
Janice my sister sent us away with some delicious cookies.  Thanks

So far we have realized we left the window bracket to the gps at home (at least we cannot find it on board.)   We called Shelly to go out to the house and look, thinking maybe we knew where it was but she could not find it, so who knows where it is at.   We are at a campground in Tipton, Iowa tonight & we were thinking about sitting out, but two things stopped us, the BUGS were non stop and Kent had forgotten to put in the lawn chairs.  So guess who gets 2 new chairs ?!  I carried 10,000 trips putting stuff in the TC (truck camper) he only had a few things to put in....oh well...

This is the camp spot.    When we pulled into the campground no one was at the office, so it tells you to take an application fill it out & put it in the box.   Well not knowing what spot we would be in we just took the slip with us came down found a spot and then later we walked it back up and dropped it in.   There are showers and bathrooms  so I decided to use the bathroom up there.  Without paying too much attention I walked into the bathroom    WHOOPS  first thing I saw was the urinals !!  Luckily I was the only one in there, but I was only in there for a millasecond.   I certainly went out faster than I went in.   
Until next time
Kent & Martha


  1. Yay!!! Except for. Few mishaps looks like your off to. Good start. It stay out of the men's restroom mother!!! Lol. Love Sheila and darren

  2. Okay, first of all you don't need the GPS. Just head north until you see the white bears, then hang a left, you will see Alaska.

    The cookies look great. Tell Shelly our address is general delivery Fawnskin Ca, 92333.

    Have a fun safe trip and we are waiting for the updates.

  3. So excited to read about your travels. Enjoy yourselves and be safe.