Saturday, June 8, 2013


When nothing much is happening I have nothing to post, but we did have an event on May 31,  Kent & I both retired from driving bus.  Kent left it up to me as to when I was ready, so since we want to travel while we still can, it was time.  So with mixed emotions and great anticipation we gave our notice and our last day for full time driving was May 31, 2013.    On May 30, Alex got together a party for Kent & I which was very nice, and very appreciated.   Thank you to all who attended and helped us celebrate the day.   We appreciated your attendance.

We celebrated that evening with friends and family  going out to eat Mexican.

Nick & Shelly & Sheila-our daughters & Son-in-law
   Janice & Don my sister & brother-in-law
   Von & Jenny--our friends

                                                                          I have NO IDEA about this (TOO MUCH PARTY ?)


  Sheila & Darren  & Nick & Shelly gave us a keepsake from the early days of busdriving -VERY SPECIAL TO US--  THANK YOU

We celebrated more that weekend with camping with Kent;s sisters, but the weekend was not very nice with all the rain we received & Sooo cold.   We all met at Mississinewa State Park.  Even with the rain we had plenty of time to sit in each others campers and visit.  Sheila surprised us by driving up from Indianapolis to attend the retirement party & then going camping with us.

Sheila, Kent & his twin sister Kathy and her husband Terry

          Kent's sister Marsha & husband Don        

                                                                                      Pretty deserted at the beach--Just too cold

Ok so now we are within days of our next adventure.  We are not for sure which day we are leaving as we have some obligations but sometime between the 16th and the 22nd.   We keep getting the camper ready, & I am trying to pack very light because I ALWAYS pack way toooooooo much.   So I am trying NOT to do that and if we NEED it we will stop & get it.   Even clothes is going to be minimal cause I want to buy souvenir  shirts so I AM TRYING  to pack light.    We are getting excited and can't wait to start my TRAVEL BLOG.   I just hope I can post as much as I can.  Do Not know about going through Canada, if I can find good wifi, but we will just wait & see.

                   Keep smiling & keep in touch

                        Kent & Martha


  1. Congrats on your retirements. It is well deserved and over due. We can not wait to read about your next adventure. We will be with you in spirit.

  2. I have no idea why it posted the time as 5:36 A.M, I posted it at 8:37 A.M., Anyways I finally figured my google account out and can not at least have my name show up Yah!!:)

  3. I posted another comment but for some reason it is not showing up. I said you are really getting the hang of this Blog stuff and the posts look really good and the placing of the pictures looks really good also. Keep up the great work! Congratulations on your retirements and I hope you and dad get a lot of travels in. Love you both soooooo much, Love Nick & Shelly

  4. Congrats! Miss you already but I am looking forward to reading your posts and seeing pictures. Wish you safe travels and good memories! Take care,