Saturday, January 11, 2014


I haven't posted on my blog since we returned home from Alaska in August, and I am going to try a posting to see if I remember how.   If I am successful I need to write down the steps to posting a blog, so wish me luck.

      We hadn't been home but a few weeks and Kent started repairing the truck camper.   He tore off the skin of the underside to find some rotted wood that really needed to be replaced.   We were told by the previous owner that he had always covered the camper but he did not have an inside storage spot for it.   We suspect that the original owner had never stored it inside either.  We have from day one kept it in our barn, so to see the rotten wood was disappointing,  BUT not to worry Kent is up for the challenge.   He is not completely done but he has done a great job for never tackling a project like this.   I have tried to post some pictures but either the computer is way tooooooo slow or I do not remember the correct procedure to post a picture.  So we will leave that subject and try another.

     This fall we did go to Berlin, Ohio with our motorhome friends.   We always enjoy going to Berlin and as always had a good 4 days.    I will try posting pictures from that trip.

    Not having any success adding pictures, so I will wait to get to some better internet service.

Thanks for looking

Kent & Martha

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