Friday, March 14, 2014


          After several months I am back on line..Since I am not computer literate I had a friend of
      ours come over today & he helped me get my computer going again.   I am so thankful, I
      really wanted to be able to do some blogs while we are in Florida.  Turns out when my
        computer does automatic updates, it updated to windows 11 and my computer is not
        compatible with that.  He is a computer GENIUS.  I just wanted to let everyone know
          that until my computer acts up again I plan on keeping you posted on the old retired
          I need to give credit where credit is DUE.   Here is a picture of Dave & Cheryl.   Thank
         you so much Dave, your expertise is appreciated
                                                                                                                 This is Dave
This is Cheryl and Dave
Cheryl & I graduated together** I think it was 1982 (I'm pretty sure !)

I know this is short, but it sure is SWEET to be able to Blog again.

Until Next time

Kent & Martha

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  1. Glad you got it figured out. Have fun blogging and we want to see lots of pictures from Florida! Travel safe!