Saturday, February 14, 2015



                  One of our adventures in this episode was checking out the Myakka  State Park.
                   Pronounced      " My - ak - a
                  We were told this would be a good place to see alligators.  This is usually the
                  case and we did see a few but not a lot.  We also walked the "Canopy Trail".
                   A few pictures of our exploring.

The 76.1 foot tower that you can climb up
Hello Down There ---We're going up the tower
On the Canopy Trail back to the tower.

At the top of the tower you walked across this somewhat of a
suspension bridge.  It did sway somewhat & only 4 people
at a time are suppose to be on the bridge.
Definitely not as bad as a real suspension bridge.

Sarasota was home to John & Mabel Ringling. They
Started the Barnum & Bailey Ringling Bros circus.
They had no children, so when they died they willed
their estate to the city of Sarasota.  Relatives contested
the will but Sarasota was awarded the property that
is VERY PRIME PROPERTY right on the waterfront.
Although Sarasota was awarded the property, they had
no money to maintain it so it sat for 50 years
deteriorating.  The city then gave the property to
Florida State University.  It took them several years
but they have made it as original as possible including
flooring and every piece of furniture is original.  They
even went to companies and had upholstery made like
original.  Mabel had photos taken of everything so
that's how they were able to make it like original. 
This is Mansion water side
The buildings in the far background are
Longboat Key
This is the front of the Mansion
You start the tour of the Mansion at the far
doors in the other room.
The chandelier in this room came from the
Waldorf Astoria in New York City.  Mabel
bought it when the Hotel was being tore down
to build the Empire State Building.  Mabel
was a world traveler and made many trips to
Italy.  She loved the Venetian style architecture,
so that is the style they built.   They only used
this house for the winters.  She only lived in
it for 3 winters, then fell ill and died.
                                                 Another look at the chandelier.  There is
                                                          an upstairs that you can tour too.


                                                 This is the entrance to the circus museum

                                             Inside the museum there is a circus display that
                                             one man built from scratch.  Every little detail
                                             was made by hand.  It took him a year to do and
                                             these few pictures do not do the display justice.
                                             I really can't believe for all he did it only took a
                                             If you are in Sarasota this would be a stop to put
                                             on your to do list.

 Muriel right inside the front entrance


This past Thursday we went to Plant City to meet
with some couples that we had been in a motorhome
club with.  We ate lunch at Outback, THEN we
went to Parksdale  Market.  They have a
variety of produce, but the main draw is the fresh
strawberries.   They have quite a gold mine selling
the strawberry shortcake.   You can have it anyway
you like.  Just strawberries, strawberries & shortcake,
strawberries with ice cream & whipped cream.  So
we went for broke!  (now be nice, I only had
                          a salad for lunch.)

Now don't get excited, they said there were no calories!
Gotta believe!!!

                                       Speaking of believing, I believed we were coming to
                                       Florida to have fun in the SUN & sun to me means warm.
                                                          Check out the photo below !

Yep that's the fireplace he's sitting in front of.
It has been chilly in the mornings, windy
during the day & cool again in the evening.
And running the furnace overnight!
      What's up with this!!  

We celebrated Valentines early by going out tonight
EARLY to beat the rush.  Found a really good
restaurant about 2 miles from us.  Looked interesting
so we went down to try it out.  Even got a window
seat by the water since we were EARLY. 






We both had Grouper just in different forms
I usually get fried but I tried it blackened.
We do have to do some work while we are here.
Living in the motorhome it gets dirty just like
the house at home, so last weekend was cleaning
Took up the carpets, pushed in the couch and
used the steam mop we got at the camper
show.   Didn't think the floor could be THAT
dirty, but at least I know it's clean now.
While I mopped Kent drew dusting duty.
One thing about it, it took time to clean but
not near as long as home.


                                                       Leaving you with pleasant thoughts
                                                            Have a wonderful Valentines

                                                                  From Sunny Florida

                                                                        Kent & Martha


  1. First of all Mom I really like the blog it really looks nice!! I'm glad you had a good adventure going up that tower but no way Jose would I've done it and especially walking cross that bridge. The museum looks really interesting and the mansion that was really cool to read. Can you please send me some of that grouper it looks really good I'm glad you guys had a nice Valentines Day and I love you!!! :) Love Shelly

  2. I would really like to have some of those strawberries too that looks scrumptious. :)

  3. Thanks for the comments. I like to know when people see the blog. Wish I could send the grouper & strawberries, better yet would love to have you visit. Love you

  4. Yes, we enjoy viewing your blog. We are counting the days 'till we are down there.
    See you soon. Dave & Cheryl

  5. Thank you guys. Hope we warm up before you get here. Have been up and down on our temps. Yesterday good, today a little cooler.
    Take care Martha