Sunday, February 1, 2015



                         First thing let me say,  I know your getting snow back home, but
                         just so you know, we down here in the DEEP SOUTH (Ha) get
                         bad weather too.  Here is a picture of some we had just last week.


The Flags are straight out// I took the flag Von & Jenny got us
 down cause I was in fear it would take flight.
That flag is down by the steps.

Wind blowing **Trees swaying
Then next morning we had Puddles//so we do get BAD weather !
And just so you know, next week maybe Monday & Thursday
we are to get some more RAIN with our mostly 70's weather.

                       We have been to a couple Flea Markets.  This one is at the RED BARN.
                       It is about 20 miles from us but was a good one.   There was more there
                       than junk stuff.    The other flea market was not as great.

                                                                     Some pics of the day:
This is a basket like people are using to find shells and sharks teeth.
We did not buy one (yet) but found an older one at a thrift store.
TERRY, you might want to construct a couple of these before you come.
Very light weight.  Call Kent he can tell you what you need to use.
They are $17-19 to buy.  
Found this funny man with a HAT.   He didn't get it but we
have a lot of time down here yet.  Thinks it would be a
SUPER mowing hat.   That sucker is HUGE !  The picture
does not do it justice !!
We got some strawberries and they  were DELICIOUS !
Definitely get more. 
                                                                   Food Court                                                                                     

Enough of the flea market


Everyone has talked of a "TRAIL" every since we got here.  So this past
week we made it a mission to find where this riding & walking trail
starts.  First we took the car and our map from the office, drove around
and found where we could start on the trail.  It is called the "Legacy Trail" &
it goes all the way to Venice which is about 10 miles  from Sarasota.
The start of the trail is 2.3 miles from our park and there is a parking
lot right at the beginning, but we decided at least for the first time
we would ride to it.  So we mounted our bikes and off we went.  We
rode the sidewalks which wasn't too bad but then we had streets to
cross, and  had to cross about 4 entrances to a shopping center.
We got to the trail and rode about 3 miles on it.   By the time we
we got back to our park, we had rode 10.3 miles round trip.  maybe
that doesn't sound like much to some but for me it's a first.  And
on my small wheel bike I felt like I had really had a work out.
Think from now on we will transport the bikes to avoid the
traffic hazards and do more miles on the trail.

Taking a TIME OUT


                                      Saturday we went to Caspersen Beach for a couple hours.
                                       The beach was not our first stop so we did not put our suits
on, BIG MISTAKE.  By that I mean we got our shorts
soaked trying to get out in the water further out. 
We used our PLASTIC strainer that we found at a
thrift store.  (didn't work too well !)
so Von your metal strainer will be much better.
This is the basket which worked much better

About four scoops in He finds a sharks tooth
Funniest thing.  I just noticed My top and my chair kinda match.  lol
I'd say this guy has NO AGENDA !
Dropped in to visit us
You don't know how many times I had to take this picture
to get the SPLASH !
Sailboat far distance:  Just liked the looks of this
I guess whenever we go on vacation we will be getting
a new grill everytime.  (NOT)When we went to Alaska we
got a grill.  And this is our new grill again.  I was
going to cook out the other day and I ask Kent to
get the grill out.   As I was getting things ready
Kent pops in the motorhome and says, " don't get in
a big hurry I need to find the grill".  Guess what no
grill.  Someone forgot to put it in.   So this one will 
stay in the motorhome!
This picture makes the grill look big but it is not that big.
Wouldn't be one I'd want to carry in the truck camper
but good size for motorhome.
This is what we were doing Sunday in 75degree weather while
our friends and family in Indiana were getting a SNOW storm !
Please be careful out there!
Signing off from the Sunny South

Kent & Martha

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