Tuesday, April 7, 2015


                        Last week we went to Lake Wales to visit Donna & her family.  It
                        has been quite awhile since we have seen them.    On the way over
                        I was looking out the window and out by a pond I was sure I saw a
                        alligator.   We made a Florida U-turn and went back.  We pulled
                        off the road and sure enough over on the far side there was the



                             When we got to Donna's we visited with her and her son Doug Jr.
                              Later when her daughter Cathy got out of school, she is a school
                             teacher,  we all went to eat at a local restaurant, then back to her house.

Cathy**Donna**Doug Jr.
                                            Thank you for the visit, we enjoyed seeing you
On the way home we made a stop and a few minutes later
a Goldwing motorcycle group came in....we could relate
cause that is what we used to do but haven't now for quite awhile.
Von & Jenny got in a week ago Friday.   We did a lot of things.
We went to Goodwills, Thrift stores, Jenny got her nails done, we
went to Bealls Outlet.  We  went to a Salvation Army, and we had
not walked in the store more than 30 feet and someone says
"is that Jenny Obenour"  we turned around and there was Anne
Pittenger and her daughter Erin.  We talked for quite awhile, &
exchanged phone numbers.   We ended up getting together on
Tuesday at Anne & Lynn's house.  They live in Venice for the
winters months only.  Lynn has remodeled the house completely.
It is very nice.
Lynn & Anne
                                                       ( I missed getting Erin in the picture.)

 They also have a resident that lives in the flower bed
ONLY we hope !
 On another day we went back to Venice & happened
upon a Farmers & Craft Market so we walked around
and looked at the sights.
Some pretty windchimes 
These were interesting.  They are leash holders
that you hang on the wall, and they were
selling like hotcakes.
(could be a craft idea)
 I was doing some people (and dog) watching and I would like
to share them with you.
 I ask mom if I could take their picture, but I guess
the little guy on the left didn't want me too...lol
Now this picture is blurry but it is the only one I
had so I had to use it for the next picture
It's like the person above & this dog belong together!
(Just an observation on my part)
Think Jenny & I spotted this one at the same time !
Got a comment Jenny.... 
Now it was rather warm that day. 
Another day we went to the Pier at
Sharky's restaurant.
It was very windy & cooler that day
so we did not walk out on it.
 The flag in the picture below shows the flag
flying straight out.  
Even though it was cooler there were still some
(not so smart people) out on the beach !
Sharky's restaurant is on the right 
We even did some curbside garage saleing !
ok, I admit I picked up a prize too!
We had a driver for the get-away car, an observer
that stayed in the car, one SERIOUS picker, and
one not real serious picker.  But it was fun..
something different, and it was all fair game.
Went to the Red Barn flea market. 
While walking through the parking lot at the flea
market, we saw this.   How would you like to come
back to your vehicle and find this.!!
 Siesta Key Beach bums!
Found this "shady" looking character along the way
Our last day together we went to Caspersen Beach
to look for Shark's teeth.
Von found a pocket where he kept finding shark's
teeth and I don't think he moved from that spot.
I went there too and was finding them also. 
Jenny found her favorite spot also ! 
This is Von's finds/with his trusty strainer,
and he willed it to me.
These were the teeth I found.
I was excited**This was mine & Kent's 4th
time to look for them & I had not found ANY until
this time. 
The sad faces are because they had to leave. 
Happy faces for the fun we had
Oh Von & Jenny, the fan is fixed.  There was something
wrong with the something, and Mr. fixit fixed it!
Mr. Gator says "come visit me anytime"
More Florida Wildlife***  Made me think I was in ALASKA....not really 
Sending you thoughts of comfort & peace
Kent & Martha

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  1. That Alligator is BIG....The Picker looks likes he is having FUN...Great Blog Again Mom..Love Ya Both:)