Friday, January 8, 2016


        Wednesday December 30 we spent with Janice & Don at the Norwoods Nursing
   home where Don is a resident.  Janice spends most every day with Don.  Some days
   he is alert and can talk to her, but most days he sleeps.
                                      Most of these pictures were taken in December.

This is Don when he was in Parkview, and his brother Leon & Artis came to visit him

This is at Norwoods, the day before we left for Florida.

Don & Janice
At Norwoods Nursing Home
December 2015

Take care guys, call us whenever you need.
We will be home as soon as we can.

Whoops.  We've only went about 3 miles and Kent says, "Do you have my phone? ".  Well
this time I did not.  Ok making a left turn, going around the mile square, turning in our driveway.
This seems like it would be a simple trip back, except can't make the turn around the driveway
with the car hooked up, so we have a restart coming.   Unhook the car back up the motorhome
get the corner turned and get hooked back up.
Ok, let's try this again.  We pulled out of our driveway for the second time around 2:15.
The weather was windy and chilly about 26 degrees, but at least NO SNOW.

We stayed the first night in Corbin Ky. at a well lit Walmart parking lot.

Traffic was very light all the way to our destination.

Traffic going through Atlanta at about 12 noon

The second night we stayed at Jennings campground,  Jennings Florida.
By staying in the campground we were able to plug in.
Slept well, Kept warm.

Florida Welcome Center

I'm sure I saw that face on a poster !!

Reaching our destination in Sarasota Florida on Saturday about 2pm.
Didn't take long to get on our spot & get set up.  The park is clean,
people are friendly and KIDS ARE WELCOME !

One of the entrances to the park

Property is at a premium here.  We have only seen about 4 empty RV lots.
Some of the park model lots are landscaped very nicely, some are just
neatly kept, and just a very few are in need of an upgrade.

We are excited about the many activities they offer, and we have participated
in shuffleboard,  bowling, Saturday is a potluck,
Kent is going to go next week when they offer lessons on pickleball,
Water Aerobics,  Horseshoes,  Church in the Club House..They say attendance
has been between 70-100.   
The effort is certainly made to help you get to know the residents.

Here are a couple pictures of our activities we participated in.


Looks like a strike to me !
Don't look now but there is still one standing !  oops
Now you have to understand it has probably been 15 years since we bowled,
SO,  IT WASN'T GOOD.  But looking at other scores out of 21 bowlers
there was only 1 lady I saw with good scores.  (And the reason is she bowls on a league)

Yesterday we took a 4.3 mile ride.  We rode down to the entrance to
Sarasota Airport.

Long sidewalk behind us.  Nice place to ride or walk.
"Back at the Park"
Kent had just mentioned he would like to get a haircut.
Just so happens there is a salon in the park.
Theresia did a good job.   In a week or so I'll be next.
Today was probably  the nicest day we have had.  It was sunny, warm (no jackets)
and we had 74 degrees.
We have a long time to go here, so we will try to make this a positive experience.
Take care & stay warm & safe everyone
Love you all
Kent & Martha

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