Monday, January 4, 2016


             Seems I get home from a trip and I put all other occasions on the back burner, which
     then makes me play catch up to put family things on my blog.

            In June of 2015 we went to Michigan with Kathy & Terry with the sand rails, to ride
    on some dirt trails in the back country.  It had rained some before we got on the trails which
    made it pretty muddy.  It was mostly sand and not all dirt which made it somewhat better.
    It wasn't all so muddy so we weren't covered from head to toe in mud.  (now I know someone
     named Alex who had a very muddy, messy adventure one time and she loved every minute
     of the adventure...That would not be my thing !!)  My mud splat was good enough for me.

Not a lot of mud, but enough


We are in the lead now.

Eating lunch at a roadside table

Break time again (actually had to get the map out to see if we could see WHERE WE WERE !
NO Luck.. We just had to drive till we recognized something !

So back to the beginning---- before we left for Michigan
Ayden was a big help to Grandpa in getting the rail loaded. (lol)

                 So we had a good time in Michigan, and we all came back in one piece !!


             Then in July we had friends from Wyoming come to Indiana and bring their motorhome,
        so we put them up in the campground next to our barn.   They stayed for a few days,  then
        they headed back West.

Roger & Mary
They may head towards Florida in a few weeks in their motorhome.  Their main
destination is to see new great twin nieces.  Then they may come our way
to visit us. ( Waiting to hear from them.)
Then in August we went camping at Turkey Run.  Kathy & Terry were
campground hosts for the month, so Marsha & Don & us went to spend a
week.  I didn't take but a couple pictures.
Hummingbirds feeding at the Nature Center
Sheila, Darren & Ayden came for a couple days.  Ayden liked the
tunnel at the Nature Center.


                In September Shelly and Nick got their Kids Resale & Craft Store open that
               they worked so hard to get ready.    Good Luck to you Guys.   Hang in there !
A few pictures of the day.


                    You both have made a very nice looking store to shop in.  Be VERY PROUD !


                 In October Sheila became a Homeowner.  It is a nice 4 bedroom 2 bath ranch.
               Ayden has more room to run and play.  He has a playroom for ALL his toys, and
               this summer he will have a fenced in yard to play in.



                     Kent & Darren put up shelving in the garage after they got moved in.


                                            Jenn and Ayden baking cookies in the new kitchen



                                                      In October a little lion showed up.


                 And then there is December and Santa Clause.  And as you can see it depends
                                                                    on who Santa is.

                                                                           SANTA #1

                                                                        SANTA #2

                          So now this brings me to the end of December and I think caught up.
                             So in a few days I will blog about our trip to, and stay in Florida.


                                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR

                                                        FROM:  Kent & Martha

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  1. Happy Ney Year you two! It looks like you had a fun year and Ayden is adorable! Good luck to Shelly and Nicks store it looks great!
    Have a safe trip to Florida, miss you guys!