Monday, March 7, 2016


               We are entering our third month in Florida.   This year we have really enjoyed
               ourselves & the time has really went fast.    I have cooked a certain amount but
               we have found restaurants that we enjoyed, but also have a couple that it was only
               a one time event.
                      A favorite place of a lot of people around here is FUZZY'S.   We took Sheila
               & Janice there.   Tuesdays are Taco Tuesday for $1.59.   And these Nachos can
                feed 4 easily.


It was time for Kent to get a haircut so we went back over to Mary's
and then after this was done we all went to Hungry Howies.
This one is very is a pizza buffet, with soups & salads also.
Seems like all we do is eat.....I do cook in occasionally but
we try to go early and get the better prices....Some have larger
portions, so we split the all works out
This is a bomber that flys in & out & around the area.
Kent says just think what it would have been like to have
the skys full of these planes & knowing they were full of bombs.
                               One day last week we got out to the beach early and stayed
                                for 4 1/2 hours.....we used the baskets to find shells farther
                                out in the water that had not made it on the beach yet....
                                 also got a good amount of sun.......

                                              This day was my birthday...we went to eat at
                                             Anna Maria Oyster Bar.....We had fish and it
                                             was delicious.....and a PLUS the service was
                                              excellent, and we definitely will go back.....
                                              Cheryl & Dave will be coming in on April 9
                                              so this will be a stop on the agenda......
                                                                    Oh So GOOD !!
                                                 The Coleslaw was very good too... You could
                                                           taste pineapple in it...Delicious

                               On the way home we made a stop at the antique car museum
                              Oh if we would have only had a crystal ball back in the day
                               for present day that sold for $6,000 to $8,000
                                back in the 60's and are now bringing $40,000 on up....OH
                                if we would have only known......Somehow we would have
                              planned better for retirement.....(bought more cars and stored

                                                   Strawberries are very good this year

                                    We hadn't thought about skyping,  thinking for sure we
                                      couldn't because of the weak wifi......Kathy contacted
                                     us wanting to try....we tried & we did...although we had
                                    to use our hotspot which helped.
                                         So then we did with Sheila & Darren......Ayden didn't
                                     know what to think of seeing Grandma & Grandpa but
                                     couldn't touch us.  
                                            I wish I could share the video Sheila sent me for my                
                                        birthday....She prompted Ayden to say I love you &
                                         Happy Birthday Grandma.....of course it's not perfectly
                                         clear, but you could tell that that was what he was saying.
                                                                         SO CUTE  !!


                                       Kent couldn't take it any longer...he has been wanting
                                       to wash the motorhome, so finally he set to the task...
                                      Now I think he's all good.....I hope.....But this morning
                                      he looks up at the front top of the motorhome and sees
                                      dust all over it......burst his bubble !!!!  ALL THAT WORK !!


This is Kent's plane when he left today...I dropped
    him at the airport and came back to the motorhome...
Then just waited till he took off so I could get
a picture of the plane.....
                                     It's official::  I am alone,  by myself,  all by myself,  for
                                     a few days,  or maybe just 1 day not sure.....Kent flew
                                     home today, and just text me that he had landed....Janice
                                   picked him up..... so after he takes care of some paperwork
                                 he'll be back, or so he says,  we'll careful Babe....
                                This is his plane as it left at 2 this afternoon....Sheila sent him
                                 through Detroit and into Ft. Wayne..No problems this time
                                 made it perfectly...

                                         Look at that middle cloud...that's the plane up there
                                          amongst them....


                                           Sheila sent me this....Ayden was out playing
                                           in their yard.....Think he made a friend.....


                                           Leaving you with a TRUE thought.....I


                                             Enjoy your Day
                                                     Kent & Martha

    P.S.  Our temps this week are to be high 80's close to a 90 or 2

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