Thursday, July 11, 2013


We traveled the Alaskan Highway which began in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and it ends in Delta Junction, Alaska.  Mileage of 1,422 miles.  You would not believe the amount of people who are up here doing the highway.  It is on many peoples' bucket lists to travel the highway from start to finish.  My husband decided in planning this trip that we were also going to travel the "Top of the world highway."  Guess I should have done some research as to what this highway was all about.  All I can say is it is a ONCE in a lifetime experience.  I sure have my opinion, but Kent calls it an adventure !!  Whatever !!

                                We are at the starting point sign in Dawson Creek on July 2, 2013
We arrived in Alaska July 8

This was us today July 10 getting to the end of the Alaska Highway adventure at Delta Junction, Alaska.    We have been in no hurry to complete it.  Just doing it was the objective.  We have seen countless people on bicycles even, going up & down the hills.  Now that for sure takes endurance.  Campers, campers & more campers of all shapes & sizes and motorcycles of all kinds.  I guess I never thought about it as a must do challenge, but it was fun (most of the time) a bit boring at other times.  We saw all kinds of terrain & met all kinds of people.  Would I do it again, probably not, but I think that is what most people would say, so yes, once was enough for that portion, so now we
will move on to the next phase of our travels up North & out West.
The Alaskan Highway which was constructed during WWII for a military supply route of 1,422 miles was completed in 7 months by 15,000 workers,77 contractors, some starting at Dawson Creek, with others starting at Delta Junction.  The road is pretty much chip & sealed now but originally it was all dirt & gravel.  We saw a video on the conditions they endured & it was true torture for them for sure.
We have only seen one mishap along the way.  This would not have been a good day for someone.  We do not know how this happened but Kent thinks they lost control coming down the hill, and the truck is over the guardrail only being kept from going clear down the mountain by being hooked to the trailer.  Sure hope everyone was ok.
We stopped at the Liard River Hotsprings & we did get in the water.  It comes out of the ground at 127 degrees constant.  It was so hot it was uncomfortable.  We stayed in for about 20 minutes and then we got out.  Kent doesn't like a HOT hot tub, was surprised he stayed in even that long.

Before we left Dawson City we went to visit a dredge where they had mined for gold.  The last day of operation for this dredge was November 1, 1959.    We took the tour which was fascinating how they mined for gold, but I cannot even begin to explain how the operation worked.  The equipment was huge.  Here are just a few pictures that just do not bring out what it really looked like.
The dredge machine outside and a couple inside pictures 

This is one of the many buckets that was used to dig up the gravel to dump in the workings of the machine.
This is just a pile of what they call tailings that is disguarded out of the dredge machine.  To this day they still find gold when the tailings are resifted.  People buy the rights to a section of tailings to set up mining equipment and go through it again.  No one gets rich but some gold is found.

This was a nugget that was found worth $4000.  If only I could have kept it !
From here we went back into Dawson City to take a ferry across the river.
Now we had to take this ferry so we could continue our route on the Top of the world highway....
OH MY GOSH !!  Here is what we drove on for 140 miles at about 40 to 45 mph.  Certainly not what I was expecting.  Like I said I should have done my research !!  Next time believe me I will.

Not a constant stream of traffic, Ha Ha  so I got out & took some pictures

This is what your vehicle looks like after an encounter like this but we didn't look as bad as some vehicles.

The fun part of the highway was making a stop in Chicken, Alaska
There are only 3 stores in downtown Chicken.

                 There are no flush toilets only outhouses that they call the" chicken poop"
                                                        which is the picture below

We ate at this café and it was out of this world. 

                       We split this halibut sandwich & home fries.  All the desserts are homemade.  The
                        halibut was local.   YUM  YUM  YUM

We even tried our luck panning for gold.  No Luck
It was free so we couldn't not try!!

Terry...Kent thought maybe you would be interested in this.
OH  today when we were coming into Delta Junction Kent saw a moose on the side of the road up ahead of us.  We got some pretty good pictures before he retreated back to the woods.  It has been 4 days since we saw wildlife & it's exciting everytime.

We are 4 hours behind Indiana time so at the time of this writing it would be 4:30 back home.  I guess I better say goodnight but I have to take advantage of wifi when I can get it.  It so happens we are staying in a campground that has unlimited wifi not just 2 hours so I want to get our travels up to date.  I was hurried the last posting that I did not get everything in.
Until Next time,
Kent & Martha


  1. I am really enjoying the Blog and especially the pictures. Proud of you Mom for doing it. The pictures of you guys in the water were cool. That Moose picture was really COOL!! Yes that road looks HORRIBLE that you were on. I am glad that you guys are enjoying your travels. Love Ya, Shelly:)

  2. Great trip pictures! So happy you two are having fun and soaking it all in.