Monday, July 8, 2013


     We got into Whitehorse on Friday evening.  This was the biggest town we have been through in the last 2 weeks.    We dry camped tonight at the Walmart.  We were told that this Walmart was RV friendly and they were right, it looked like a campground.  I took video pictures but forgot to take a snapshot.   Reading through the brochures we had we decided there was not a whole lot here that was of interest to us, so the next morning we pulled out about 8:30 taking the Klondike Highway towards Dawson City.  Since the drive to Whitehorse was uneventful, we were hoping that we would see wildlife or something to do.  About 10 miles out of  Whitehorse we saw a sign "MOMS BAKERY" so since we have a small TC (truck camper) we turned down the dirt road to go find Mom.  Thinking maybe it was just off the road we were surprised how far we went to get to Moms.  Really it was only a mile and a half and we came upon a log cabin that said Moms bakery.  Her sign had said cinnamon buns and that was our intent to get some baked goods and be on our way.   Mom was a very nice lady that had a front porch stocked with baked goods that she bakes every night.  She asked us if we had had breakfast.  She will serve a pancake breakfast and we could just stay and eat.  That's what we did, stayed and had pancakes and visited with Tracie (Mom)  She let me take pictures and said it would be ok if I put her on my blog.


        After having that wonderful breakfast and a very interesting stop, we were on our way.
The Klondike is not very interesting with hardly any little convenience stores to stop at for miles.  When you do come to one they are closed or for sale.  There are no houses that we can see along the road.  There is just not much civilization at all out here!  We were glad to see a squirrel & we called him our wildlife sighting for the day.  Can't even say the scenery was pretty, mostly just trees and not a lot of mountains.  What I'm saying is I don't recommend this highway, problem you have no choices from Whitehorse to Dawson City.  The road is not real good, chip & seal and a lot of frost heaves in the road.  They have red flags along the road and a sign which you soon learn what it
means!!   You need to go slower.   It took us about 4 hours to go about 180 miles to Dawson City.

We stayed in a campground the night before that was free.  No services and plenty of mosquitoes!  We even cooked out after we fogged the area.  They even have free wood.

                Kent found himself a walking stick FROM THE YUKON.  He is skinning it down

            On this road a fur piece up is Five Finger Rapids.  This where the miners tried to take their rafts & boats through but it was so narrow they had to wench their selves through.  Later they blasted to make the passage bigger.   They had an observation deck that my camera could zoom in and get the shot.  BUT  we ended up going down the stairs taking the path to the river through the woods AND MOSQUITOES  which ate us alive.   The killer was coming back up the stairs.

Way out at the water is where we walked to

Well here we are**Now we walk all the way back

Are you Serious ?!

                              Oh well  sure got our exercise !!  Need  it for what came next !


An unpaved street in downtown Dawson City, Yukon

Show at Downtown Gerties

Having a dessert after the show at Klondike Kates.  YUMMY!

                                      Taking in some of the sights & food at Dawson City.

               The streets in Dawson City are not paved,  just all packed down dirt.  For real.

            Gotta go my internet time is almost timed out.  

                                               Until next time
                                              Kent & Martha


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  1. Hi, Reading your blog. I am so JEALOUS! Never could get Don to be adventurous even in his good days. And you know me - always wanting to do something different. Glad you are having a GREAT time. How is the weather? Net few days HOT & HUMID here. Wishing you good travels! Janice