Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 We hung out in Fairbanks for a couple days waiting on Sheila to fly in and spend a few weeks with us.  She is flying in on the 14th so we didn't want to do a lot of attractions without her.  We did go to the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum.  They have over 84 rare autos ranging from horseless carriages to the elegant classics of the 1930's. 

Where do I go next ?
He was a perfectly behaved.  He did not bark at me.  He just sat there when I took his picture.  Nick & Shelly I took this for you.
We camped at the Rivers Edge campground & the airplanes coming into Fairbanks flew right over us, so we saw Sheila's plane come in.  It was a nice campground and we got pretty close to the river.  All kinds of watercraft to watch.
Sheila arrives
We went from the airport downtown Fairbanks to look for a geocache by the fountain.   We all were close to it but I was the first to find it.  I spy
This is a fountain that is nice to go set around.  They provide lots of benches.  There are also lots of walking paths, and they have pretty flowers.
This is a statue that is in honor of the Soviet & American soldiers that helped ferry planes through Alaska onto Russia during WW11 along the walkway
Antlers archway in the walkway

                  The next day we went on the Discovery Riverboat Tour which I would highly recommend if you ever get to Alaska.  It is out of Fairbanks and it is very well organized.   It is not just a Boat ride.  They give you a very entertaining tour.  It first starts with a float plane taking off & landing beside the boat.

Some more pictures of the tour.  This tour is very informative of the Alaskan heritage.  They took us out to a village and in each section explained how they make & do things.  VERY INFORMATIVE, highly recommended.

Next we went to the North Pole.   Not the real North Pole just the town of the North Pole.  Still it was a nice place.  Not as big a store like Frankenmuth but still a nice store.

And couldn't leave town with finding a geocache !  Mosquitoes were out there too !  Mosquitoes are everywhere up here......
We did a Gold Dredge 8 tour.  We had fun but I would not recommend this tour.  They do explain a lot of how they mined for gold & we do get to pan for gold.  They guarantee you will find gold but they do not buy it back.  You can keep the flakes or you can BUY apiece of jewelry and put your flakes in it. 
                                               The look of despair***It is very hard to pan
                                                                            for Gold !!

Today we did Denali.  We went back into the park 66 miles.  Denali National Park has 6 million miles.  We only saw 1 moose off in the distance, and about 6 caribou.  Lots of pretty mountains.  The most important mountain that everyone hopes to see is Mt. McKinley but not everyone does.  It was unfortunate we did not see it either.  It was very overcast today and the clouds engulfed  many of the mountains.  Here are a few pics of the day.

This is how hazy the day was

Oh yes & one more Cache for the day.   It was cold !
Until next time
Kent & Martha
P.S.  send us some warm weather !


  1. Deja vu. We did the river boat tour also. Looks like the same girl in the Eskimo parka! If you want warmth, come home. It is 92 degrees and very humid here today.
    Dave & Cheryl

  2. Hot weather!!!!! It is going to be 101 heat index today. We are going to the buggy shop to get the gear shift fixed. Hey Sheila. Love kathy

  3. I love the picture of "BANDIT" just wish he would sit still like that though. looks like fun the other attractions you have found to do and some more REALLY NEAT PICTURES!! :) LUV YA, SHELLY

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