Thursday, April 10, 2014


Back in March we took the motorhome up to Middlebury to have a dishwasher put in.  On the way we stopped by Max & Sue Pipers in North Manchester.  We haven't seen them in quite awhile.  We visited for quite awhile and then we went on our way.   Good to see you Max & Sue,  let's not wait so
long to get together.

                                                                               MAX & SUE

Once we got to Middlebury we parked in their lot plugged in & stayed the night.  They had told us it would be around 6:30a.m. and they would come out to the unit to check us in.   6:30 on the dot they were at our door & luckily we were ready for them.    We left the unit and headed home.   They called on Thursday and said that it would be ready on Friday.  


   We went early to get the motorhome and visited a few places before we went to pick it up

Drove the countryside and then went to get the motorhome. 
We are pleased with the looks of the dishwasher but haven't had a chance to use it.
It's not camping season so I haven't got water in the motorhome yet, but I'm sure
I will enjoy it and have been told it will use less water as opposed to hand
washing them when the sink gets full.   Keep my fingers crossed.

From here we moved on to the project of Nick & Shelly's retail store that she will
be opening.  They bought a store in downtown Kendalville, Indiana and will be
opening a childrens resale/crafts and more store.  There is a lot that has to be
done, but in the week that we have helped them work on it we have got  a lot done.
Shelly pulling staples from the wooden floor.
Putting studding up on the walls
                                                                                          Nick & Shelly insulating
Von & Jenny stopped into visit AND brought a YUMMY  CHOCLATEY  VOLCANO
dessert.   Thank you guys !!

                                                             Going to be the play area

Making progress!
The next was leaving for FLORIDA
We stopped at Sheila & Darren's on the way to Florida.  Darren was at work so
we spent some time with Sheila for her belated birthday, but now that there is
a baby on the way he will get the presents not mom it looks like.  She did
get some croc sandals though.
From here we left and went on vacation to Florida.   About time--the weather
in Indiana was a nightmare this winter.
Here are some photos of what we did.
Kent & I     Kathy & Terry
We did the flea market  Just hanging out having fun
We drove over the Skyway Bridge a few times
This is taken from the balcony at our timeshare
First time we have all been here in about
7 years      We had a good time !!

                                                                             Kathy & Terry
 Tuesday we did some pawn shops & then drove up to Tampa.   Got a trolley that took you to
old downtown.   After walking around a bit we finally found a very nice place to eat.
Yesterday we went to take a dolphin tour out of John's Pass*****We saw a few dolphins
and then we saw some very NICE houses along the shoreline.

There is a new sea wall along the sidewalk**Looks very nice

Terry was acting a little weird on the way to the shake shop (????)



We have had a good week just being together.  Darren had to leave today cause he has
to go to work on Friday.   It was Darrens'  birthday today and would really have liked
to stay.   Yesterdays weather was not as good as todays.  We had 78 and sunny, & the
wind had died down.     It was also good to have Kent's sister & brother-in-law,
Kathy & Terry.   We have kept busy & relaxed at the same time.
Kent & I will be here through next week.   Sorry you guys, wish you all could stay.  REALLY !!
Fun in the Sun for All
Kent & Martha



  1. Nice addition to the motor home. You will really enjoy it. What do you mean it's not camping season! It is always camping season here in the southwest ;) Looks like you all had a great time in Florida. You pictures brought back some memories. Max and I went on the same dolphin tour.

  2. Martha & Kent, I just found your blog and spent a very enjoyable afternoon traveling the USA and Canada on your Alaska trip. Thank you so much for sharing your travels.
    Did you get rid of your TC for a motorhome? just curious...
    I don't have a blog yet, looking forward to full timing RVing in 2015.

    Have safe travels

    Carlene aka waianaegal