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JANUARY 1, 2015

             We are off to our new adventure.    Let me go back and start at the beginning.   Last year when we went to spring break, Kent wanted to check out some parks for getting away this winter.   Well here it is  this winter and we left on January 1, from Indiana.   We left behind
26 bone chilling degrees to head south.

During the trip I kept taking pictures of the temperature as it crept up & up.  I was texting friends and family letting them know the progress.   It didn't always meet with favorable comments, but sorry guys I was only keeping everyone informed as to what was going on.  LOL,  Really there was nothing intended, just informing......

We arrived at the park around 5 O'clock January 3, and as soon as we completed the paperwork we were shown where our spot was, we got set up, I fixed us something to eat and we are now just doing well not to much of anything.     I have not taken pictures around the park yet, but that will be on the to do list tomorrow.   The park is really full.  We have a really nice spot.   It is a new spot.  We are the first ones to use it.   It has a privacy fence on one side, which I guess there are not privacy fences too many places in the park.  We'll walk around and see what's here tomorrow.
On another note I have never blogged about Ayden our Grandson that was born May of 2014.  Most of my pictures are on my phone and I DO NOT  know how to transfer from phone to computer.  Yes I am technically challenged, VERY MUCH SO, but I have people who help me, so I do what I can remember.   I am not sure how many camera pictures I have but we're going to find out here shortly.
I have pictures, BUT I am having problems placing them, so that is why placement of pictures is whacky !!!  Bear with me.

Ayden was Elvis THE KING  for Halloween

                      Ayden is now 7 months old and is still cute as a button.  I might be prejudice!!

         Another chapter of our lives is Nick & Shelly working very hard to get their  kids resale store in Kendalville opened.   I was so hoping that it would have been opened before we left but there is a lot of work and they are doing it as fast as they can.

This is the beginning
When I get some more of my after pictures posted I will put them on
So until the sun shines again I am closing tonights Blog
Thanks for reading
Kent & Martha

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