Friday, January 23, 2015



              January 23

                        This week we have kept busy checking out a few parks for next year.  The
                      ones we checked were in Fort Myers.  We found 2 that we really like but
                      will have to wait & see if there is availability.  The important thing is that
                      they DO allow friends & family but the bad part is they rent the spaces, but
                      the spaces are also for sale, so if you get to rent one, it may not be available
                       the next year, so if we are lucky enough to get a space for next year, we
                       will continue to look at other parks.   We also picked up a flyer of a park
                       in Ocala, which is a new start up park, but not sure we want to go that far
                       north due to the fact we would leave the Motorhome there while we go
                       to Treasure Island for spring break.  We haven't got the gps to check the
                        distance.  I'm thinking it's 4 or 5 hours from there to Treasure Island, but
                        not sure.

                           Here is a couple of pictures of Cypress Trails in North Fort Myers.



                So we'll see but we're still going to look around.

                         I haven't mentioned it on the blog but I got a bicycle at Camper World.
                   This is a new model that they started carrying.   The bar is lower and I can
                   get my leg over easier.  Now no comments about the tall seat!  The bike
                    folds and that's what we were after.  It works for me. 
                                    Now what didn't work for me was the skinny seat.  The
                                    first ride we took we rode about 4 miles round trip.
                                     Needless to say we did not ride for a few days, and we
                                    found a bicycle shop and bought new seats for both our
                                    bikes.   Kent's seat was like mine.                                        
                                           The new seat is on the right and it is gel filled.
                                            It sure felt a lot better.   There are no paths to
                                            ride unless you transport the bikes to it, several
                                            miles away.  One of the people in the park
                                             told us where he rides without a lot of traffic.
                                               I am still wobbly.  It has been years since I rode,
                                              so give me time.                    There
                                             ought to be a law against a seat like that.**  lol

                                 Watching news the other night they told of the bridge
                                  collapse around Cincinnati.   When we came down we came
                                  right under it.   WOW !  Could have been us !

                                              I got out my smore' maker out and used it the other day. 
                                             Still works pretty good  & it does taste like a smore'.   To
                                             those 2 people who scoffed at it!!   I will name no names,
                                             you know who you are.  Ha !  Just look at the look on his
                                             face,   that spells DELICIOUS !!!!

YUM !  YUM !

No luck this time cause they don't want you to fix it.
but he at least wanted to try.

Our Keurig QUIT.    We have used this one less than the
one at home.   After fighting with it for 3 weeks I finally
convinced him that trying to make coffee for the next 3
 months with it was going to get really OLD.  So he found
a smaller one and a new color.  No promises I guess how
long it will last.


                                              It was really warm & sunny today (78) but was
                                             very windy.   It rained  some tonight and tomorrow
                                              it is going to be cooler.  So getting some much
                                              needed sun to make it look like we are FROM
                                              FLORIDA was the goal for today.
                                              (Photo : compliments of a tripod)
                                              We had to lay to rest our Florida snowman.

                                                  Today was NOT favorable for him.!
                                                            ****RIP,    SNOWY ****

                                               GOOD-BYE FROM THE SUNNY SOUTH
                                                                    KENT & MARTHA


  1. I love the blog mom I love your bike I can't see how you can sit on the seat its so high up but I'm really glad you guys are having a great time taking bike rides together. I love the picture of Mr fix it did he get the Keurig fixed and I love the new one I love the color red my favorite color. I love the picture of those two bathing beauties soaking up the Sun. That picture was really cute :) I didn't realize you guys went under that bridge I'm glad nothing happened to my mommy and daddy I love them to pieces!!!!! :) I'm glad you guys are having a great time having fun riding around and not having to deal with Indiana weather.. Love YaBunches Love Shelly!!! :) :)

  2. The picture of the s'mores was cute too, can you make me some?

  3. Yes I can make u some smores****come on down !! Scept you can't stay with us. Bummer !!! Thanks for your comments. Love to get them.

  4. Hmmmmmm, I wonder who would scoff at the idea of making s'mores with a machine that radiates the poor marshmallow with microwaves! The smokey goodness that an actual fire would produce can not be duplicated. ;) I guess if a fire can not be attained it "COULD" be a viable option, but I think I would just roast them over the cook stove!! Call me a s'more snob ;)

    Looks like you guys are having a blast. Love the bicycles!

  5. Hi s'more snob! Yes we are really enjoying the area. Saw where you had a mishap getting stuck in the sand! Bet that wasn't too much fun, but I guess an adventure making a memory. Take Care