Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Aydens' Day 1YEAR OLD


                          It's hard to believe but Ayden our beloved Grandson has turned 1 year old.
                   Sheila & Darren have been very good parents.  Ayden is a lucky boy.
                             His party was held 4 days before he actually turned 1 at a park in
                   Plainfield near them.   He had several friends & family to attend the party.
                   For the first time party that Sheila ever planned for she did a super job!
                             Ayden did start walking a few days before he turned one.  He is such
                  an active boy, (could be just like his father) lol!

                            Posting several pictures for you to enjoy.



4 days before my 1st Birthday and I am walking pretty good.
The theme of the party was "CARS"
                                                               OH BOY  OH BOY
                                                      They say this is a "SMASH" cake and
                                                                    it is ALL mine!

                                                       Yummy  Yummy in my tummy, 

                                                                             OOPS !!

                                                                          ALL GONE !!

                                               This is the outfit that Jen made me to put on
                                           when I ate my "SMASH" cake.  Notice it goes
                                            with the theme of  "CARS"
                                      The hat was from Grandma.  It says BIRTHDAY BOY

                                  After we got done with cake, it was time to open my  presents.
                                   Would this be like the Christmas you talk of ?

This is so much fun

                                         Uncle Nick made me the step stool there on the left.
                                           I will be able to climb on anything I want with that.
                                                                  Thanks uncle Nick.
I love my Aunt Shelly
Grandma & Grandpa Fites put together a swing frame
in their barn then took it apart & transported it to my
house on my birthday.

                                          Grandpa put the frame boards on his car and drove
                                             to my house.

Daddy helped Grandpa put the frame together
The smile on your little face tells us that you like your swing!

Mommy, this is fun!!
We went to Texas Road House for my birthday supper.
Mommy got a plate with my name on it.
They sat me on a saddle and sang Happy Birthday to me.
I was not so sure that I liked that.
I finally get to try ice cream.  I AM 1 YEAR OLD.
And ya know what,  I LIKE IT !
Notice what Ayden is chewing on....IT'S A LEMON
and he is chewing on it like it's a piece of candy.  It makes
me pucker right now just looking at it.  You're something
else Ayden.
Here are some random pictures of Ayden

Ayden has traveled on a plane in his first year
of life, more than most do in a lifetime.  You can see he enjoys it,
look at the smile on his face.
Uncle Nick & Ayden (7mo)
Me & my little buddy   (9 mo.)
Ayden  (1year)
I am closing the chapter of Ayden's first year which went by way too fast!