Saturday, January 17, 2015


  January 17

           Sheila & Ayden left 4 days ago and Darren left 2 days before that to meet some friends in
     Arizona for a few days.  The day Sheila left it was to be sunny & warm, and of course it was
     not fun to leave the good weather knowing you were going back to cold. 

                 A few pictures of while they were still here.  These pictures were taken at SIESTA KEY
                 BEACH:  The sand on this beach is very white and very fine.  It's funny how much
                different the sand is in just a matter of 10 miles or so apart.



First time for tootsies in the  Gulf waters


Grandpa & Ayden playing in the sand

Sheila & Ayden

Notice the bird in top right corner
that I accidently caught--
Oh I mean that I skillfully captured......

Three Generations


                  NOKOMIS BEACH

Somehow I got these guys standing at attention--lol
Couple more birds I found walking on the beach

              We were looking for sharks teeth on Nokomis Beach but were not having much luck. 
               We talked to a couple on the beach that said CASPERSEN BEACH was a better beach
                to find them usually.  It was maybe another 5 miles or so south, so we headed that way.

                                                              CASPERSEN BEACH                    


                                 Not on the beach longer than 10 minutes Darren found a tooth.


               We only looked for about 20 minutes but did not find anymore.  Sure they were there
                but guess we saved them for our next visitors.  Make sure you bring a kitchen strainer
                 or if not we will go to a thrift store and pick one up.  It will make it easier scooping
                up a bunch of sand and sift it out.  

                                                    A couple pictures of Caspersen Beach


             *********************** Few more pictures of the week *******************

Aydens makeshift bathtub

We drove up to the super BIG  RV show in TAMPA



Kent using his purchase (the ladder) from the show.  He has always talked
   of getting one but never did.    Pretty Handy.
Time to repack the cargo bay AGAIN!

See about anything down here

This is the table that Nick made for us
to use in the motorhome.  It is working
out really well. 
Nick can make a table for anyone
who wants one. It sets by a chair or under
a couch.  Very handy !

This is a snowflake that we were given by
 Von & Jenny so that we would not
forget what we left back in Indiana.
It is up in the motorhome and I do
look at it everyday and know that
I am very thankful to be here in the

Sending warm & sunny thoughts
to our Northern Family & Friends






  1. We are glad to see that you guys are exploring not just sitting in your chairs soaking up the Cant wait to see some of the stuff you discover! Keep an eye on that snowflake so you dont forget good ole Indiana!!

  2. Love the photos you have added. Wish we were still there, but we will be back down soon. Love ya

  3. Looks like you guys are having a blast down in Florida. Ayden also looks like he is having fun with grandma and grandpa. His own little bathtub is too cute! Have fun guy's, miss you both!

  4. See Mom people read your blogs. :) I love the pictures of Sheila & Ayden, I love the sunset pictures with you guys & Ayden all those pictures are really good. I love the pictures of the birds and then the comment about the other two birds you seen walking on the beach haha. The camper show looked fun, Dads new ladder looks really handy, I love that snowflake that's pretty, the makeshift bathtub that's cute with a cute little boy in it. Ya that table looks really handy I wonder what Great Woodworker made that??? :) Great blog once again GOOD JOB MOM!!! I LOVE READING Them....LOVE YA GUYS BINCHES...HAVE FUN...LOVE SHELLY