Saturday, January 10, 2015


         One week ago today is when we arrived at our new WINTER residence.   I am really sad that  
    back home you are getting the weather you are.   No I am not gloating that it is nice here.  We
    are having cooler temps but by Sunday we are to be back up to 75-80.  I have to admit I am
    glad we are here rather than there, but not gloating.   You are my family and friends, and wish
    I could wish you ALL down here.  
          Sheila and Darren flew down 2 days after we were here.  They have been watching the weather
    back home and are not looking forward to going home in a couple days.  We have traveled around
    everyday and they have gotten to see our surroundings.  Ayden has been really good, not always
    wanting to give it up and take his nap, but he has been good.   He always attracts attention where
    ever he goes.  His smile is infectious, and of course Darren has no problem talking with people, 
     he is a people person. 
                    Here are a few pics of our week.

This is our home away from home


some of our surrondings

           The park is very nice & clean BUT we will not return here next year.  We found out only
        when we checked in that this is a "55" only park.   The way we found out was when checking in
        Saturday I mentioned that Sheila & our grandson was coming.  I was told that they could not stay here. When our "elderly" friends come they can stay but it costs extra.   Believe me we now know when checking
         other parks, we will be asking MORE questions!  

                                                       This was a stop at LIDO BEACH

Aydens FIRST time with toes in the sand

This is Aydens new Face  SO FUNNY


Someone told us about this place to get a good Grouper
This was in Bradenton


A Day trip to Hard Rock

 A few pictures of Ayden


We made a trip to the Aquarium

Darren in a Hurricane machine at the Aquarium
This is at the hotel where Sheila & Darren stayed
 Hmmmmmm   let me see

My grandma says "hope you enjoy the blog   Bye Bye



  1. Glad to see you enjoyed your visit with kids and grandkids. Cant wait to come down myself, with Von of course!!

    1. You just need to leave now to head south. Stuff up there is NASTY. GET OUT NOW. lol

  2. PS. I dont think we will be dipping our toes in the white "sand" we have up here right now!! LOL